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GFWC Michigan supports many worthwhile projects. The state sponsored projects are ones that GFWC Michigan members created, still own, and continue to support. The endorsed projects are those that we elect to support.  In addition, the clubs support projects that are specially chosen by the GFWC MI President as the President’s Projects to coincide with her two-year administration theme: Envision ~ Embrace ~ Empower

 GFWC MI 2016-2018 President

Donna Brown

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  President’s Special Projects:

Water issues:

Water - white backgroundIncrease members’ awareness of the quality of water in their city, township, and county.  Clubs can obtain copies of the State of Michigan yearly Water Quality Report for all members and have an official be a speaker at your meeting explaining the findings. The Water Quality Report may also be a part of your city or county administration, as well.   This can also include information about wells and encouraging members to get a test kit so send in to learn the quality of their drinking water.  Other contacts:  Public Health Department/County Administration/Environmental Protection Agency-State of Michigan.


Invasive Species:

Bring awareness and concern about the growth of invasive species in our beautiful Great Lakes and our inland Lakes.  The State of Michigan Department of Natural Resources has several programs now that organizations and individuals can work on as projects and they offer speakers for meetings.   Take the time to check this out:   Contact:


Great Lakes Waterways:

It is up to the citizens within the Great Lakes Region to protect and manage this resource which holds 20 percent of the world’s fresh water.  We must be more aggressive in monitoring and managing the requirements of permits for oceangoing vessels and their ballast water into the Great Lakes.  Check your State and Federal Legislature for bills that may effect this situation.  Is there a need for a letter writing campaign?



Recycling - green on whiteGFWC Michigan clubs can encourage members to recycle and start a recycling program if one is not available in their areas.  Members can also check into the quality of their recycling programs and determine if everything is really being recycled.

Question:  where does your garbage and recyclables really go after it leaves your residence even if it is picked up by a recycling company. Check it out with your local government/local waste management service or  Speakers can come to your meeting and talk from your local government and your waste management company, too.


Human Trafficking:

Human TraffickingThis horrific situation may feel like it’s a problem that happens somewhere far away, but the truth is, it has been reported in every U. S. state.  Let’s bring more awareness and action into our communities by programs, projects, and legislation that will begin the end of Human Trafficking.  GFWC Michigan Chairman, Dee Van Horn, International Outreach, can assist with information about programs to attend and speakers for your clubs.  This subject will be part of the GFWC Michigan Legislative Day for 2017.  Contact Dee at:



Team WorkGFWC Michigan is focusing on Bridging the Leadership Gap  for 2016-2018 and Nancy Norton, our Leadership Chairman has already begun to get us thinking and doing with a leadership exercise and what leadership really means to each of us  at the Advisory Board meeting this past July.  Leadership mini sessions will continue throughout the District Meetings and 2017 convention in bringing forth information regarding goal setting, problem solving, delegating skills, how to run a meeting, mentoring members for leadership positions and much more.    What can we do now in our own clubs:  keep mentoring your new and existing members about GFWC beginning with your own club.  Ask the new and existing members to serve together on committees to help with club projects.  Nancy Norton, is available for questions and information at any time.



GFWC Michigan Sponsored Projects

Guiding Harbor (previously known as Girlstown)

girlstownGirlstown was founded by the General Federation of Women’s Club of Michigan in 1958. What began as Girlstown, providing quality residential services to young female victims of abuse and neglect, has expanded to include all child victims and has become Guiding Harbor. As Guiding Harbor we are continuing our residential program for girls while offering hope to abused boys and girls through our foster care placements.

Our Supervised Independent Living program offers a safety net for young adults as they begin the process of living on their own. A major fundraiser for Guiding Harbor is their extremely successful Annual Auction usually held in November. For more information, visit their websites

GFWC Michigan Education Foundation

Education Foundation KeyThe Education Foundation was established in 1985 as an endowment  fund. It is funded only by contributions from GFWC MI members and clubs. Interest generated by the endowment is used exclusively to fund scholarships for GFWC MI members. “Women Investing In Women” is their motto. The scholarships are given for self-improvement and does not necessarily have to be for academic work. The scholarships are not
awarded on financial need also.

Club members are encouraged to buy a page for the Education Foundation Book memorializing or honoring someone special. The pages cost $100.00 and it is a wonderful tribute to someone special.

This Education Foundation committee has another saying, “Buy a page before you age.”

GFWC Michigan Endorsed Projects

Bay Cliff

bayCliffBay Cliff Health Camp is a non-profit, non-denominational summer therapy center located on 170 acres of land along Lake Superior near Big Bay in Marquette County. It serves  physically handicapped children ranging in age from 3 through 17. Founded in 1934 it now has 50 buildings used for housing and program facilities. The camp enrolls approximately 200 children for a seven week summer session.

Bay Cliff is an endorsed GFWC MI project since 1998. Contributions are reported on a treasurer report form and mailed to GFWC MI.

GFWC MI co-chairmen are Diane Lahtinen ( and Marjory Richards (

Click here to visit the Bay Cliff website


Michigan Youth Leadership

mylead-logoMichigan Youth Leadership has been an endorsed project of GFWC MI since October, 2005. MYLead motivates and enables the youth of Michigan to continuously make a positive impact on their communities through leadership and service. MYLead carries out this mission by hosting an annual leadership conference for high school sophomores.

Students from many Michigan schools are brought together for energetic interaction with leaders of today and positive peers. Events include panel discussions with leaders from business and government, community service, team building activities, motivational speakers, leadership exercises, and impromptu speaking exercises small groups.

GFWC MI clubs sponsor local high school sophomores and contact schools and others in their community to encourage involvement. Your $165.00 sponsorship may be sent directly to Michigan Youth Leadership, 39741 Salvatore Drive, Sterling Heights, MI 48313. For further information go to or email us at

The GFWC MI Chairman for MYLead is Karen Gasperosky (