Welcome to the GFWC Michigan MEMBERS ONLY Site!

(this page updated 1/4/17)

President Donna Brown has chosen projects that are important, especially here in Michigan, that each of us can support.  Visit the Projects tab to learn about Donna’s Special Projects as well as our State Sponsored and Endorsed Projects.

The new 2016-2018 GFWC MI Yearbook is on the website as is the current edition of the state newsletter.   Click on the Newsletters and Yearbooks tab.  Click on the Calendar tab to see all the dates that are set for this administration.  The GFWC Manual can be found on the GFWC.org website.  Each of these items are important tools for leaders and members as well.  Why not use them!

Donna's Logo

President Donna’s theme is “Envision ~ Embrace ~ Empower” with a focus on her special projects of Conservation to include Water Issues, Invasive Species, Great Lakes Waterways and Recycling; Human Trafficking; and Leadership.  To learn more, click on the Projects tab above.

See more details about GFWC by visiting us at www.GFWC.org