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Recent updates to the website:

  • The Yearbook has been updated as of 7/28/15 – see Newsletters and Yearbooks Tab 
  • More Club links and GFWC Pinterest  have been added to the Connections Tab
  • Mention of the Fountain Dedication by GFWC Manistique in on the News/Events Tab
  • GFWC Michigan Awards received at the 2015 International Convention – see below

Congratulations to Jody Dean for receiving Citizen of the Year Award

Joan Weick

Sadly, GFWC Michigan Past President (1996-1998) passed away August 1, 2015.  She was a wonderful lady, a true GFWC and GFWC Michigan supporter, and a friend to all.  She will truly be missed.   Click here to read her Obituary. 

GFWC Great Lakes Region Conference

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GFWC Michigan Awards at the GFWC International Convention June 12-15, 2015

Community Service Programs (CSP)

  1. Junior’s Special Projects: Advocates for Children, Joan Boroff, State Chairman
  2. Junior Membership Increase Recognition – no certificate part of five states with increased membership in Junior Clubs (Rochester Juniors)
  3. Arts, Penny Messer, State Chairman
  4. Education, Karen Krumm, State Chairman
  5. Public Issues, Kathy Lewis, State Chairman and Public Issues Creative Project Award: GFWC Lake City; “Save the Local Swim Program”


  1. Communications and Public Relations, Diane Follis, Chairmam, Creative Project Award, “Yarn Bomb” – GFWC Hastings Women’s Club


  1. Scenes Individual Awards, Third Place: Carla Noe-Emig, Kalamazoo Area Women’s Club-GFWC
  2. Still Life Individual Awards, Second Place, Carla Noe-Emig, Kalamazoo Area Women’s Club-GFWC

Recognition Certificate for State donation for GFWC 125 Years


2014 Reports and Awards are now on the website:

Click on the News and Events tab to find and download printable versions of the Special Projects, CSPs and Advancements award winning projects for 2014.
Click on the Reporting tab to see the Awards presented at the 2015 Convention in Grand Rapids.

Frans Original with moved border

President Fran’s theme is “Sharing Our Abundant Resources” with a focus on Reconnecting with GFWC.  You will see colored baloons everywhere.